Friday, 29 September 2006

"Digging for Gold" Warning

Financial advisers from across Shropshire are set to learn more about how to protect their clients from crippling divorce settlements.

Nadia Davis, who leads the Family Team at Martin-Kaye Solicitors, is hosting a seminar at the company’s headquarters at The Foundry, in Euston Way, Telford, on October 26.

“This year has seen some high profile divorce settlements running into millions of pounds, and professional people need to be aware of what kind of impact divorce can have on their business,” said Nadia.

“The landmark cases have changed the way settlements are dealt with, and this has led to the phrase ‘digging for gold’, or ‘greedy wife syndrome’.

“We have decided to invite representatives from the accounting, banking and financial services sectors to our seminar, and share our knowledge to help them learn more about the consequences divorce can have on a person’s finances

“By providing them with key information on this ever-changing subject, we hope it will put the financial specialists at a distinct advantage when they are dealing with clients who are dealing with the fall-out following the breakdown of a relationship.

“Our Family Team have been advising people and guiding them through complex divorce and relationship problems for many years, and in particular, wealthy individuals and business people.

“The Law in this area is very complex and sometimes unpredictable, and the two landmark decisions this year have made legal history, moving the goalposts yet again.

“Our seminar will explain how assets can be legitimately protected, and we will also be sharing information which we are sure will be of benefit to clients in the future.”