Monday, 20 November 2006

Telford lawyer is promoted

A Telford lawyer has been promoted thanks to his innovative and dynamic approach to supporting companies through the minefield of Employment Law.

John Mehtam, of Martin-Kaye Solicitors, at The Foundry, in Euston Way, has been named as a new Associate with the firm.

He has worked with the company for two years as an Assistant Solicitor, and has developed a reputation as one of the most well-respected voices on Employment Law in the region.

“I have specialised in Employment Law for over ten years, working in-house for large PLCs, national legal practices and public sector organisations in Birmingham.

“I decided to join Martin-Kaye as they have a reputation for taking a positive and forward-thinking approach, and they also encourage and reward staff who are keen to suggest ideas on how the company should move forward.

“To be named as a new Associate is a great honour, and I’m really pleased my efforts have been recognised in such a way.”

Senior Partner, Graham Davies, said: “John has been a remarkable success since he joined us. He has helped to set up a number of independent human resources and employment law networks, and has hosted many popular presentations.

“We are very happy to recognise such a talented lawyer who we believe will be a key player in the development of this practice.”

Pic: John Mehtam – the latest Associate at Martin-Kaye Solicitors

Friday, 3 November 2006

Seminar brings change in divorce advice

Financial advisers from across Shropshire are set to change their approach to divorce following the first seminar of its kind in the county.

Nadia Davis, who leads the Family Team at Martin-Kaye Solicitors, in Telford, organised the event following a number of high profile divorce settlements this year.

“We have all seen the headlines in the press about celebrity break-ups and the arguments over divorce settlements which may run into millions of pounds.

“And two landmark decisions in the House of Lords have also changed the law which covers the awards given to wives,” said Nadia.

“So we decided it was important to help people who are involved in financial advice, such as accountants, bankers, and independent advisers, to understand the changes.”

The “Digging for Gold” seminar was held at the company’s headquarters, at The Foundry, in Euston Way, and was attended by more than 40 local bankers and finance experts.

“The feedback has been excellent, and many of the people who took part said the information we gave them will definitely change their approach when they give advice to wealthy clients in the future.

“We’re very pleased that our experience of advising people and guiding them through complex divorce and relationship problems, in particular wealthy individuals and business people, has proved valuable to so many people.

“The Law in this area is very complex and sometimes unpredictable, and our advice aims to help people understand how their assets can be legitimately protected.”

Pic: At the Digging for Gold seminar are, from left, Louise McCabe, Nadia Davis (Martin-Kaye Solicitors), and Sue Hodgson (Martin-Kaye Solicitors)