Monday, 30 April 2007

Call to display notices

Company bosses in Shropshire must make sure they protect themselves when it comes to health and safety issues.

And the protection is simple to arrange – all it takes is for two legal notices to be properly displayed.

Stuart Haynes, of Martin-Kaye Solicitors, in Euston Way, Telford, said: “Many employers have noticeboards in key areas of the workplace, such as the main reception area and the staff room.

“But if you don’t display key pieces of health and safety documentation, rather than just your current job vacancies, as a director you could be personally liable in the event of an accident and claim.”

Stuart said companies must display their current Employers’ Liability insurance certificate.

“And unless you want to issue each employee with a leaflet, you need to display the well-known “Health and Safety Law” poster.

“The current version is now pink and white, and it sets out your duties under health and safety legislation. It also has a series of boxes which need to be filled in, including the name of the person with day-to-day health and safety responsibilities, and the address of your local authority.

“It may sound absurd that displaying a poster could be so important, but it is required under the Health and Safety Information for Employees Regulations 1989.”

Stuart said if companies had a poster but it was dated prior to October 1999, it was no longer legal.

Employers also need to make display fire evacuation procedures, first aid assistance details, and a health and safety policy statement.

“Make sure you have a noticeboard in each area of your building, and that a specific employee is responsible for keeping the information on it up-to-date. And if you have more than one building, the notices must be displayed at each site,” he said.