Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Beware - they may be watching

Job applicants should beware as their prospective employer could know more about them than they think.

John Mehtam, from our Employment Law Team, said despite the risks of breaching data protection rules, many employers admitted to searching the internet to find out more about candidates before an interview.

“Many employers use search engines to check up on applicants, and some even search social networking sites, so it’s important that candidates take care with the information they post on these sites,” said John.

John said some candidates were already tailoring their online personal details, as it was becoming increasingly clear that both future, and current employers may have access to them.

"This may appear heavy-handed, but it’s important to remember that the wrong kind of information could prejudice your entire career.”

And John said existing employees could also be at risk, although they may well be better placed to take action against your company.

But John said employers should also beware as a number of websites had already been set up to give employees the chance to have their say about their boss.

“The last thing you want is a bad impression of your company appearing online, as you are then unlikely to attract the best kind of staff, which could lead to untold difficulties in the longer term.”