Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Risks of tough talking

Shropshire employers should not to take the tough approach when it comes to firing their staff.

John Mehtam is our Employment Law Specialist and he said millionaire businessman Sir Alan Sugar’s direct style was not always the best example to follow.

“Sir Alan’s ‘You’re Fired’ catchphrase is believed to have led to a huge increase in the number of employment tribunals across the country as employers have followed his lead.

“Instead of going through the correct legal process, step by step, employers are finding themselves facing expensive tribunal action after taking the more direct approach.”

But John said Shropshire employers must consider the small print when it came to asking someone to leave their company. “If you don’t follow the right procedures, the staff you sack can take you to a tribunal and claim unfair dismissal.

“You cannot ignore the basic legal requirements, and it’s important to remember that The Apprentice is primarily a television show, designed to entertain its audience. Employers running a business on a more local level on a day-to-day basis must ensure their procedures are appropriate and legitimate, in order to protect their company from tribunal action.”