Monday, 30 June 2008

Have you been left out?

Arguments over the will after the death of a loved one are on the increase, and we are tackling the issue by launching a new website designed to help people who feel they have missed out.

We've launched and have already been inundated with enquiries from all over the UK.

Chris Detheridge, from our Commercial Team, said: “The number of disputes over wills is partly due to the framework of today’s modern family – there are more second marriages, more step children and more same sex relationships than ever before. And the complicated structure of our lives can often lead to people feeling they have not received everything they were entitled to, once a loved one dies.”

Chris said after an increased level of enquiries about the possibility of contesting wills, the team decided to research the market further.

“And our research showed there was a real growth in this area of business, so we acquired the domain name – – and created the service and website.”

There are strict time limits for claims to be dealt with, so anyone who feels they have not received their fair share of an estate must seek professional advice at the very earliest opportunity.

Pic: Mohammed Ahsan and Chris Detheridge, from the Dispute Resolution Team, launch the contest-a-will website