Monday, 30 June 2008

Parking ticket paper chase

Parking fines issued by private landowners in Shropshire may not be worth the paper they are written on, a county solicitor has warned.

Graham Davies, our Senior Partner, said strict new regulations made it almost impossible to force drivers to pay.

“It is a myth to claim that if you park on private land, there’s nothing the owner can do about it. It is in fact perfectly legal to charge someone for parking on private premises. But if a driver rips up the ticket and refuses to pay, it’s not always easy for the landowner to do anything about it.”

“Private landowners can issue tickets, provided drivers are made sufficiently clear of the risks of not paying. But the good news for the drivers of the vehicles is that, unless landowners are members of an accredited trade association, the DVLA won’t release your personal details, so it should be safe to ignore.”

Graham said: “Even if signage on the land appears to prove your guilt, the landowner will have big problems taking things any further if they can’t gain access to your personal details."

And he said it was difficult for a private landowner to meet the standards required, since they had to maintain sufficient liability insurance, and follow strict ticketing guidelines.

“If you receive a ticket, contact the DVLA to see if they have the authority to reveal your details. If they haven’t, ignore the ticket . . . there’s nothing more that can be done.”