Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Support for carers in the workplace

Shropshire people struggling to combine work with caring for disabled or elderly relatives can now expect more support from their employers. Around 2.5 million people in Britain are currently trying to maintain jobs and care for sick or disabled family members at the same time.

And John Mehtam, our Employment Law Specialist, said employers would now need to consider their situations more sympathetically.

“Following a recent tribunal ruling, employers will have to think more carefully about the way they respond to requests for flexible working from carers. The judgement said carers had the right to claim against their employer if they were discriminated against and refused flexible working.

“The tribunal decided that such a situation amounted to discrimination by association. And this paves the way for hundreds of claims by carers who say they have been discriminated against not because of their own disability, but because of their role in caring for another person.

“Anti-discrimination law is not restricted to disabled people only, and anyone caring for sick or disabled family members will now be entitled to the same treatment as any other staff. This is excellent news for a silent majority of people who have struggled for recognition for a very long time, and the decision will make a world of difference to many people and their families.”