Monday, 9 February 2009

Law firm has a worldwide audience

Disgruntled relatives from as far afield as Australia and Canada who feel they’ve missed out on an inheritance are turning to Martin-Kaye Solicitors for help.

We launched a new website – – just six months ago, and have been inundated with enquiries ever since.

Chris Detheridge, from our Dispute Resolution Team, said: “In today’s modern world, the traditional family unit is no longer the norm, and family relationships are becoming increasingly complicated. As a result, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people who believe they have been unfairly excluded from someone’s will, and who want to know what they can do about it.”

He said arguments over someone’s will were now all too common, particularly with more second marriages, more step children, and more same sex relationships than ever before.

The website gives anyone who may be concerned about someone’s will the opportunity to assess whether they actually have a case. It leads them through a series of questions to help check if their circumstances mean they should take any further action.

“The interest we’ve received from all over the UK, and in fact, all over the world, just shows that contested wills are a trend that’s set to continue.” To find out more visit the website –, or call Chris Detheridge on 01952 272222.