Friday, 29 May 2009

In the danger zone

Company directors across Shropshire could find themselves top targets when it comes to identity theft.

Our Senior Partner, Graham Davies, said national research had shown that company directors aged 30 to 50 were particularly vulnerable.“The research showed that any senior staff living in rented accommodation were most at risk, as they tend to share post boxes and move house more often.This gives fraudsters more opportunity to access and abuse their credit histories.”

He said directors earning more than £50,000 were almost three times more likely to fall victim to an identity theft – and those employing over 50 people were five-and-a-half times more at risk.

“It appears the most common method is to use a forwarding address fraud. This is where the criminal redirects your post to a ‘drop’ address, which they later visit to collect the items. This trick accounts for around 36 per cent of all identity thefts, but you will probably be completely unaware it is even happening initially.

“It’s only likely to be uncovered when you’re expecting private financial information, such as bank and credit card statements, and they fail to arrive. If you don’t receive the items you’re expecting, don’t ignore the situation. You should speak directly to the sender, and also insist they investigate any suspicious activity on your account.”