Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Allow extra time over busy months

Shropshire businesses are being warned to allow extra time to file documents with Companies House in the coming weeks.

Amanda Wickstead, from our Corporate Department, said the long-awaited final details of the Companies Act were due to come into force at the start of October.

“The overhaul of the Companies Act has been a mammoth task but now the final changes are set to take effect. But of course, with so many changes to implement, Companies House is expected to be extremely busy over the next few weeks.

“So it’s important that businesses don’t take any chances during this busy time – if you need to file documents with Companies House or just want to make enquiries about anything that may be time-sensitive, allow plenty of time. Once the changes are in place, things should hopefully return to a more normal state, but for now, it pays to be cautious to make sure you don’t miss vital deadlines.”

Amanda said the Companies Act 2006 had been phased in over the last two years, with several rafts of changes to be considered.

“The latest batch of new legislation brings yet more changes – one of the key developments this time is that directors’ home addresses can be protected, and providing a service address on documents will now be sufficient. A new scheme has also been introduced to help companies prevent corporate identity fraud, where documents can be filed online and paper documents will be automatically rejected.

“After such a drawn-out introduction, it’s good to see the Companies Act finally in place, but businesses should take care in the next few weeks to make sure they don’t get caught up in any confusion.”