Thursday, 19 May 2011

Where there's a will...

Shropshire people are being urged to write a will, after worrying figures showed more than six out of ten don't have one.

Fiona Mainwaring, our wills and probate specialist, said research showed that another one in ten people had a will but hadn't told anyone where it was kept.

"The research from also showed that two thirds of parents with children under five had not made wills, which is a particular concern. Writing a will is considered by some people to be a little morbid or just something they put off doing, but it really is a vital part of everyday life."

Fiona said it was extremely important that once a will was written, it was reviewed regularly, especially after a change in circumstances such as marriage, divorce, a house move, or a new baby arrived.

"A will can be revoked by marriage or divorce, so the onus is on the will writer to keep their documents up-to-date if their family situation changes. And although home-made wills are available over the internet, it's a key document that can affect the rest of your family's life, so think carefully about whether you're happy to rely on something that has not been drawn up professionally.

"A valid will ensures there are no misunderstandings after your death, and that your wishes will be carried out. Don't just assume that everything you own will go to your nearest relatives - if you don't leave a will that's correctly drawn up, you could find your hard-earned savings and property are swallowed up by the Government."