Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Banking expert shares his knowledge

Shropshire businesses had the chance to hear the real truth about the economy thanks to a unique event.
Telford Business Partnership hosted its quarterly breakfast meeting at the University of Wolverhampton's Telford campus in Priorsleee.

Guest speaker on the day was Graeme Chaplin, the Bank of England's representative for the West Midlands and Oxfordshire, and delegates heard his views on the economy and its prospects.

Our senior partner, Graham Davies, is the chairman of TBP, and he said: "The message was that UK growth was likely to remain subdued in the near term, before picking up further ahead. Inflation should continue to fall sharply in 2012, as the contributions of VAT, energy and import prices decline. But concerns about the solvency of several euro-area governments remains, increasing strains in banking markets.

"This was a unique opportunity to hear the Bank's view of business prospects and their perspective on the future of the UK economy, and it was a wonderful chance to hear from an expert who really knows the industry inside out.

"At TBP, we constantly strive to welcome quality speakers at our breakfast meetings who will deal with topical and sometimes controversial subjects. At this moment, nothing is more topical than the economy, financial systems and business prospects, so it's clear that with Graeme w really did have the right man at the right time."

Pic: Graeme Chaplin (left) from the Bank of England with Graham Davies, chairman of Telford Business Partnership