Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Overseas links in place

Martin-Kaye LLP Solicitors looks set to build strong links with companies on the other side of the world, thanks to an international networking organisation.

Stuart Haynes from our Commercial Department attended the latest Integrated Advisory Group (IAG) meeting in Bratislava.

Fifty delegates from 20 countries were at the event, and members heard there was a great deal of interest from companies in the Asian Pacific rim area who were keen to join.

Martin-Kaye Solicitors were one of the founder members of the network which began in 1989, and which now has 67 members from across Europe, north and south America, and the Middle East. It's made up of lawyers, accountants and tax advisers from 31 countries, and hosts three meetings a year in a different city each time.

"To hear there are potential recruits from within the Asian Pacific rim who are very keen to join us is excellent news," said Stuart. "The IAG meetings already give us access to the very best professionals from all over the world, and to see the group expanding into new countries means we have even more potential business opportunities."

Altogether 17 potential new members from Asia have signed up to attend the next IAG meeting as observers, with a view to joining the group in the future.

Other discussions at the meeting included the economy, global corporate investigations and international renewable energy structures. And special interest groups met to discuss international and cross border issues covering litigation, employment, commercial, corporate and intellectual property.

"Our membership of the IAG means we can handle even the most complex international cases from right here in Telford, which is not only convenient for our clients - many of whom have bases overseas - but more importantly, it also reduces their legal costs," said Stuart.