Thursday, 30 August 2012

It's a jungle out there...

Employers risk being left behind if they don't keep up with their staff in today's social media jungle.

So we're offering to share our experience in a free seminar to help employers get to grips with managing the new communication tools - and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Our employment law specialist, John Mehtam, will host the event on Thursday, September 27, from 8am to 10am, at our offices in Euston Way, in Telford.

"Hardly a week goes by without a controversial comment on a social media network making news, and it's vital that employers know just what their staff are saying and how to handle it," said John.

"Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are all networks that current, prospective and former employees will be using, but many employers are not fully aware of the scale and threat posed by this fast-moving form of communication.

"What would you do if any of these employees make misleading or even derogatory comments about your business?

"We have already dealt with many cases involving this new media and can help employers work out a policy of how to manage it and deal with any consequences.

"In today's busy world, social media networks have really taken off and employers must have a policy in place that defines how their staff need to behave during working hours."

The Martin-Kaye seminar will cover a wide range of topics including: an overview of the latest cases and their impact on employers; monitoring and investigating; discipline and dismissals; media management and protection of reputation; social media and policy and content.

Places on the day are limited, so anyone who would like to attend should contact June Noto on 01952 525951 or email