Thursday, 16 August 2012

Property team bucks the trend

Property lawyers from our firm are celebrating after completing over £10 million worth of business in the first six months of the year.

The conveyancing team has been so successful that they've even recruited three new members of staff to cope with the increased levels of business.

Lead partner, Nita Patel, said: "We really have seen a remarkable half-year performance from our team and it's been a very exciting time for us. While the rest of the UK housing market remains in the doldrums, we have certainly bucked the trend with completions valued at over £10 million and over 500 completed transactions."

Nita said thanks to the team's use of the very latest technology, their client base now stretched far and wide across the UK.

"The key to our success is not just the quality and speed of service we deliver, but the personality of our team members who consistently receive high ratings for their customer service skills. This is also reflected in the number of national brokers who regularly recommend our firm to their clients too."

The three new members of staff who have joined the thriving team are Helen Dix, Giorgio Iaconi and Wendy Pullar, with another - Sarah Gill - starting next month.

"We're very pleased to welcome the new team members, and they have played a crucial role in enabling us to perform so successfully at such a busy time. With the way things are going, we are hoping to recruit even more members of staff before the end of the year, and we're looking forward to an equally busy period in the coming months."

Nita said although technology was the key to delivering a speedy transaction, it was the team's  interpersonal skills that made the real difference.

"We never lose sight of the fact that we are dealing with people and for many it is the most important transaction they will conduct in their lives, so we try to lighten the mood where we can and reassure our clients that everything will progress as smoothly as possible."

Pic: Lead partner Nita Patel celebrates with the conveyancing team at Martin-Kaye LLP Solicitors