Thursday, 20 September 2012

Law firm signs up for more

Martin-Kaye LLP Solicitors has extended its partnership with a local IT provider to create a deal that's believed to be one of the industry's longest running contracts.

We've signed up for another five years with, taking our long-running partnership to 15 years.

Our senior partner, Graham Davies, said: "At Martin-Kaye, we were early pioneers of outsourced or fully managed IT provision, and we have now enjoyed ten years of consistent IT delivery from Their service has always been flexible and offers us cutting-edge technology, data security, a high degree of business continuity and responsive support. 

"A decade on, we're as committed as ever to the concept of IT outsourcing, as it allows us to concentrate on our core business of supplying legal services without having to worry about how those services will be delivered and supported technically.

"It's a partnership that has already brought many benefits to our practice and we're looking forward to continuing our association with in the years to come."

Nigel Redwood,'s managing director said: "We believe this may mark one of the longest, if not the longest, of this type of outsourced arrangement in the legal sector. Where Martin-Kaye led, many have now followed, but Martin-Kaye will always stand out as a pioneer.

"Our long-standing relationship has been instrumental in proving to many people the validity and efficiency of managed services as an alternative IT delivery method for legal companies.

"It has truly been a backbone to our success in the sector, so here's to the next ten years."

Pic: managing director Nigel Redwood seals the deal with our senior partner Graham Davies