Monday, 17 December 2012

Law firm takes a new approach

Families denied legal support during tricky divorce proceedings have been offered a lifeline.

From next year, Legal Aid will no longer be available for divorce and family law cases due to Government cuts. But our family law expert, Nadia Davis, said the move would cause misery for many families at probably the most stressful time of their lives.

"The decision will deprive thousands of families from legal advice and assistance during a painful and difficult period. There will be lots of people on limited incomes who will be floundering, worried and upset following the break-up of their relationship and when conflicts over the children arise.

"People who would have previously qualified for Legal Aid will be left to fend for themselves, which is a horrendous position to be in."

Our firm has decided we can't leave families struggling with such a difficult situation alone, and so we've taken action to step in to help.

"We felt a real responsibility to find a way of meeting what we believe will be a considerable demand, and have set up a new fees structure that could prove invaluable for many families."

Our team of family law specialists will take on cases involving disputes over children at heavily discounted rates which will be broadly in line with the previous public funding rates.

"By using our lawyers and systems more efficiently, I believe we can help these families at very competitive rates and we are also introducing an opetion where families can consult us on an 'as and when' basis.

"We have already pioneered a fixed fees structure for family and divorce work to ensure there are no surprises for our clients and this latest service is very much an extension of that approach. In such difficult financial times, families need all the support they can get, and at Martin-Kaye we are dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to offer advice that suits each client's individual needs and circumstances."