Monday, 25 March 2013

Truth and lies - the real story

Over 50 employers from across the Midlands were given the chance to judge between the truth and lies of workplace law thanks to our employment law specialist, John Mehtam.

He's hosting a series of events around the region to share his knowledge, and his first event was held at the Ramada Park Hall Hotel, in Wolverhampton, when delegates heard the real story of Employment Law today.

“We were very pleased to see so many employers at the presentation and the response so far has been extremely positive,” said John. “It was a great opportunity for employers to learn about the current trends and for us to clear up some of the myths surrounding law in the workplace.”

John set out the right way to tackle various issues, and helped employers learn how to avoid falling into the most common traps. He covered topics such as sickness absence, dismissals and employee performance and helped the employers tell the difference between what is actually law and what may just be a myth.

“I will now be running more events of this kind across the region, and revealing the blunders frequently made by other employers in order that our delegates can learn from their mistakes,” said John. “These seminars are a perfect way for busy employers to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing world of employment law as they cover a vast subject in a concise, clear and convenient way.”

Pic:    Martin-Kaye’s John Mehtam at the Truth and Lies presentation in Wolverhampton