Friday, 28 June 2013

Don't get mugged!


Personal injury experts at Martin-Kaye Solicitors are backing a national campaign to warn victims they could be missing out on fair compensation payouts.
Alison Carter, is head of our personal injury team, and she said accident or injury victims should tread very carefully.
“We’re backing The Law Society’s campaign that’s asking victims to think twice before they accept the first payment they are offered from an insurer. They’ve created a new website – – that explains how using a solicitor could make a real difference to someone’s claim.

“On average, research by the Financial Services Authority has shown that victims receive between two and three times more compensation if they consult a solicitor. So even though people may assume consulting solicitors is going to be a much more expensive process, it’s clear that you could actually get a far better deal if you take legal advice first.”

Alison said three million people were injured in accidents every year and so became involved in the often lengthy process of registering a claim. “If someone or something else is at fault, you have a right to compensation. The law is complicated, but a solicitor can help you make a claim and make sure you get a fair payout.”

Martin-Kaye’s personal injury team is renowned for its excellent customer service and earlier this year the team was named as the fourth most loved team of their kind in the UK. Leading business directory ranked them as part of the website’s annual campaign where clients of UK businesses are given the opportunity to recommend their favourite companies.

As members of the regional branch of the website – – all testimonials from Martin-Kaye personal injury clients are regularly submitted and their score is then compared to all other similar teams across the UK.

“We’re particularly proud to be able to show that you don’t have to be city-based to deliver the best customer service and that companies like ours in the regions can compete effectively with the larger more high profile national names,” said Alison.