Friday, 20 December 2013

Meetings on the move

Motorway service stations aren’t just being used to break up long family journeys – they’re becoming popular options for business meetings.

Many sites are even setting aside designated private meeting rooms for corporate customers keen to escape the ‘coffee shop chaos’ of a bustling town centre.

“Finding a suitable spot to meet clients while on the move can be tricky, and there are some obvious advantages to using a motorway service station,” said Graham Davies, our senior partner.

“For starters, they are easy to find, and free parking is plentiful, in contrast to a town centre location where you often waste time trying to find a parking space, and end up clock-watching in a coffee shop instead of focusing on the business at hand.

“The negative is that there is a cost, of course, but since this is a new departure for many service stations, they are still relatively cheap. For example, Moto currently offers a meeting room for £30 for half a day, while others rent space at around £8 an hour.”

Midlands service stations hiring out meeting facilities include Cherwell Valley on the M40, and Donington Park on the M10, while free wi-fi is available at the M54 services near Shifnal.

Graham said: “At the moment, facilities for business meetings do vary from one service station to the next, but in some locations, there are even hot desks. So if your phone is out of power or you’re desperate to pick up or send an e-mail, make an urgent call, print or fax some kind of official document, the nearest motorway service station might have exactly what you need.”