Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Multi-million pound sales boom is good news

Property experts at a Telford law firm have announced a record-breaking year after handling a staggering £300 million worth of business in the last six months alone.

Partner and head of residential property at the Telford offices of Martin-Kaye Solicitors, Nita Patel, said the figures were truly astonishing.

“We’ve had an incredible year so far, and if things continue to follow this trend, we’ll have beaten every single record we’ve ever set in almost 30 years of business which is phenomenal for such a small team.”

Since April this year, the team has cleared 1,170 transactions, with an average financial value of £250,000 per transaction.

“When we sat down to review our performance and calculate the figures, we realised we’d hit the £300 million mark, and we were just amazed. I’m just so incredibly proud of the team for working so hard and for showing such dedication to our clients throughout a financial period that everyone knows has been more than just a little difficult.”

Nita said the rosy financial picture was supported by excellent feedback from customer satisfaction survey results which echoed the stunning figures. Now the team is looking forward to the next six months with the aim of building on the impressive start they’ve already made to the year.

“We’ve been working on property transactions further afield across the UK too, as well as in Shropshire, and it’s been interesting to compare the different markets. It’s clear that compared to the wider UK, prices in the South are continuing to increase, but we’ve found the actual level of activity in the property market is pretty consistent across the board.

“One of the elements keeping the markets in check is that building societies are now being extremely cautious in the way they assess people’s ability to borrow, even down to asking precisely what people are spending their money on. This has resulted in lots of people extending their existing property rather than taking the plunge to buy a new one.

“But all the indications are that the property market will continue to remain buoyant into next year, and with such positive signs on the horizon, we’re looking forward to continuing our success.”