Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Extra HELP is on its way

Experts from a Midlands law firm were so inundated with bookings from local employers for their latest seminar that they’re planning a repeat event.

Lawyers from Martin-Kaye Solicitors, in Wolverhampton, organised the advice session at the Ramada Park Hall Hotel to help employers tackle staff sickness absence.

And it seems their choice of topic really touched a nerve with employers from across the region.

Speakers on the night were employment law specialists John Mehtam and Lubna Laheria, who shared their top ten tips on how to deal with the problem of staff taking a sneaky day off claiming to be ill.

Martin-Kaye Senior Partner, Graham Davies, said: “We were absolutely amazed at the number of employers who wanted to join us at the seminar, and it’s clear that staff sickness absence is an issue that affects companies of all shapes and sizes.

“To cope with the demand, we are now planning a re-run of the event so that we can accommodate another capacity audience and share our expertise.”

John Mehtam said the seminar was targeted specifically at business owners, leaders and human resources managers.

“Our aim was to explain how companies can tackle sickness absence but most importantly, how they can do it and still stay within the law. And although it’s frustrating for employers who hear lame excuses about why their staff can’t make it into work, it’s equally vital that those employers are able to recognise the difference when staff may actually be genuinely ill.”

John said employers must also handle the situation appropriately, knowing what their legal rights were, and take the action that best suited the individual employee’s circumstances.

The presentation was the latest in a series of HELP seminars run by Martin-Kaye which are designed to help employers learn how to deal with common situations they may face every day in their business.

HELP stands for HR and Employment Law in Practice and the events offer businesses a unique opportunity to hear from the experts when it comes to tackling topical issues.

Pic: At the Martin-Kaye seminar are, from left, John Mehtam, Lubna Laheria and Graham Davies