Friday, 18 September 2015

Graham joins a business road safety campaign

Our senior partner Graham Davies has been working with organisers of a road safety campaign that's attracting national attention.

The initiative from TTC Group, in Telford, aims to encourage business leaders to take action to cut road deaths and injuries among their employees.

Graham joined Lord Digby Jones at the launch where the industry stalwart said implementing workplace road safety was "the right thing to do".

As part of the event, 515 black balloons were released to represent the number of people who died in just one year as a result of driving at work.

Lord Jones said: "People are dying on the road every day. Five people will die today, tomorrow another five and every day after that. A third are driving in a car on business - businesses can be a force for good, and we can change things."

At the launch, TTC Group unveiled a new product, TTC DriverProtect which is a management practice system that Lord Jones said ticked all the boxes for health and safety compliance.

Graham Davies said: "The figures we've heard today are staggering and with the number of vehicles on the road increasing, the risk to employers is also on the rise.

"My role at the launch was to give an overview of the obligations employers face every day, and to advise them of the best way to stay within the law and reduce the risk to their company and their employees."

TTC Group Road Safety Director Alan Prosser said many companies were still oblivious to the potential cost, impact and legal risks they faced.

"More than one in four fatal collisions involves someone who is on a work journey and the financial cost is enormous - £14 billion a year, with each death costing just under £2 million. On top of that, the personal and human costs are immeasurable."