Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Family Law Fees increase this Autumn and our update on "no blame" divorces.


This autumn will see an increase in costs for family law fees.


Sana Saddique, Head of Family at Martin Kaye explains the changes and how this could impact you. For the first time in 5 years we are seeing an increase in many fee’s associated with the legal process across a number of areas –


·         Divorce court fee was £550 but is increasing to £593.

·         Child arrangements applications were £215 but increasing to £232.

·         Application’s for a financial order was £255 but increasing to £275.

·         Financial agreed order was £50 but increasing to £53.


Clients who are on a low income or in receipt of eligible benefits can still apply for a fee remission which, if accepted, means they may be exempt from paying the Court fee at all.


On a general basis they must:


·         have less than £3,000 savings and


·         be either in receipt for eligible benefits (proof needs to be provided)




·     earning less than £1,085 if they are a single parent. If they are a single parent they can account for an additional £245 for each child they have care of in addition to the threshold of £1,085



Sana also explains that next year will see a change to the “Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill” which you will have seen referred to as “no blame divorces”.

The hope is that by removing blame or the facts as to why the relationship has broken down, couples can avoid unnecessary conflict which in turn will make getting divorced and separation faster, less costly, and more amicable and reduce potential stress.  Changes are also being made to the terminology used ‘decree nisi’ will change to ‘conditional order’ and  ‘decree absolute’ will change to ‘final order”. We see this as a positive change to Family Law and we will continue to update you on the changes.


If you need advice on family matters, Sana can be contacted on 01952 525922 or by email